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Our Quest

Magic Happens...

It is the dream of the alchemist to create the noblest elixir, by mastering ancient processes and skills and matching these to a specific time and place.
Making uisge beatha, the ‘water of life’, is a journey in which you make untold discoveries and learn both about the spirit and yourself. It’s a dream that can be daunting and fulfilling, one for the dedicated mind, but one where you may never achieve perfection. The philosopher’s stone awaits the alchemist with infinite patience and skills. For this he needs the Tria Prima®, the tools, and the wisdom to go on a journey like no other.



The Tria Prima, the three primary qualities of alchemy, was held in high esteem by the greats of alchemy and key to the secret of the Philosopher’s Stone.
Mystics and alchemists across the globe, from time  immemorial, have pondered the meaning of the Stone.
Many believed it had the power to transmute base metals into gold, for others it promised eternal life.
As science blossomed in more recent times, we learned more about the world and secrets became secrets no more and the philosophy was forsaken.
Nonetheless, an ancient sect of alchemists from the Celtic lands believed they held the true knowledge of the Tria Prima and the secret to the Philosopher’s Stone.

The Tria Prima® is the barley, the water and the oak that together, using the magical catalyst of yeast, and techniques handed down for generations, is transformed into liquid gold - the alchemists dream, the spirit of perfection - the true meaning of the Philosopher’s Stone.
The art is yet to be perfected and no-one has yet achieved perfection of the spirit of life. Here, at Tria Prima we dedicate ourselves only to this end: to aim for perfection. We don’t know what this looks like, but we are sure we will know it when it's found - in the spirit and deep in the soul.
For each one of us the Stone awaits, the end is the same and different - the riches, the glory cannot be grasped - only sipped before disappearing into the memory of our souls.
Follow us in our journey and we hope you find in our spirit a reflection of the true spirit of life.
The Stone awaits all who seek perfection.
For it is written…


In Truth, without deceit, the path lies.

The One is All and All is the One.

As Above, so is Below.

All things are manifestations of all things.

Through The Way, you will obtain the Glory of the Universe, and all obscurity will be clear to you.

The Philosophicum, the Theoreticum and the Practicum.

The Tria Prima of Alchemy.

Mu Aldrich, citing from the Emerald Tablet, 8th Century AD

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