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Our Range

Magic happens to be precisely everything that eludes comprehension - Carl Jung

From one of the most unforgiving landscapes on the planet comes one of the most complex yet gentle spirits - a true insight into the quality of Australian ingredients and alchemy. We aim to highlight different styles of single malt whisky in relation to cask type used for maturation. Our unique spirit is carefully matched to quality casks and each is represented by an original artwork designed by local artist and designer Matt Kavanagh. 


Our characters to date are Enchantress (Apera cask), Bruxa (Tawny cask) and Shaman (bourbon cask). Future releases will include Magissa (White wine cask), Warlock (Red Wine Cask) and Seihdr (rum cask).  These will be incorporated into our range of bottlings based on strength and size to suit the palates and preferences of whisky connoisseurs. All of our whiskies are non-chill filtered with no added colouring.


Our Traditional release is bottled at 46% abv in 700 ml bottles. Each batch comprises a small number of casks, selected to give a rich and well-balanced flavour profile. The different batches will vary slightly depending on the age and size of casks used. 


Our Rebis range is bottled at natural cask strength in 500 ml bottles, designed to showcase individual casks of character. The word Rebis (from the Latin res bina, meaning double matter) is the end product of the alchemical Magnum Opus or Great Work: after separating opposing qualities, these are united once more, a reconciliation of spirit and matter, of both male and female qualities.

Transfiguration (coming soon)


Transfiguration is designed for the connoisseur with a keen interest in how whisky evolves and matures in casks. It will come as a Rebis bottle along with three miniature 50 ml bottles comprising new make and samples taken from the cask as it matured; or as a boxed miniature set.

Tria Prima's miniature bottles provide an opportunity to sample the range of whisky styles. Our boxed set makes an ideal gift, comprising a set containing four miniature 50 ml bottles .

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