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Warlocks may have their origin in Norse mythology as spell singers or as a caller of spirits to ward off evil. 

Maturation in red wine casks give Warlock typical dark fruit and jammy flavours along with some tannin.


Shaman is a rich style of our whisky having matured solely in red wine casks (shiraz or cabernet sauvignon. Batch 1 is from a single 200 litre casks (cask TP 006) from the Barossa Valley, most likely a shiraz cask. A cask strenth version is also available in our Rebis Range. The cask was not re-coopered and filled soon after emptying. 



Traditional Release - Warlock Batch #01

  • Nose:

    Unapologetically vinous; one for the red wine lovers to be sure. Strawberry cream, simmering beurre rouge in a pan while mulled wine bubbles in a nearby pot. Some jamminess opens with time, and truly we're ready for Christmas lunch; turkey anyone?


    Starts again with those jammy/strawberry cream tones, morphs through the sweet berry vinous aspects and then goes through an almost stemmy aspect on the way to lush tannins providing some grip. Meanwhile those vanillin/strawberry-cream aspects linger on, making us think of dessert. The finish swells to a rancio crescendo, and fortified wine lovers will be in bliss.

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