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Shamans were renowned for their understanding of the powers of the natural world. They acted as intermediaries between the natural and supernatural worlds and often considered as healers.

Matured in bourbon casks Shaman typically has flavours of vanilla, oak and fruity esters.


Shaman is a lighter style of our whisky having matured solely in ex-bourbon casks. Batch 2 is from a vatting of four 100 litre casks. 



Traditional Release - Shaman Batch #02

  • Nose:

    Some lighter than usual Tria Prima esters geared toward pear and white stone fruits, then banoffee pie, twirly wirlies, some nutmeg and cinnamon dusting, first runnings wort and vanilla creme.


    Esters come out more-so on the platae, though the rich bourbon cask elements still vie for prominence; perhaps a first fill? Moving from twirly wirlies toward bounty bars, a little almond essence, some more baking spices and polished woods.


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