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A captivating beauty, she seduces you with her charisma and enrapturing magical charms. 

Maturation in Jansz (using the Méthode traditionnelle) sparkling wine casks give Magissa a delicate, unique and well balanced flavour profile.


Magissa batch 1 is from a single 225 litre ex-Jansz cask. The cask was not re-coopered and filled soon after emptying. 



Traditional Release - Magissa Batch #01

  • Nose: Singular, even among the Tria Prima range. First, a curious sense of auotolytic lees with some proofing dough and good crusty toast, then a vinous zing reminiscent of peach fuzz and green apple skins; something evocatively akin to a good fino or manzanilla. The oak's profile rounds out the edges with cinnamon and allspice warmth, light vanilla bringing up the rear; perhaps some European wood?


    Palate: Diverse, layered flavours; more bright vinous fruits and toasty elements up front, though the acidity develops a slight citric component now, and a hint of flint tips its hat at the assembly. A smattering of ripe white stone fruits join in giving gentler indications of the more usual Tria Prima ester profile, plus some good malt. The oak continues to march out baking spices with woody, peachy lactones (fewer cis and more trans mayhaps; further indication of European oak?) adding to the harmony, meanwhile a honeyed sweetness runs parallel. Pleasant rancio a la oily nuts develop mid-sip and swell to an aged-cooking-oils resolution through the finish, bringing us back to the wine cask's influence. Playing with dilution pushes some of those brighter fruits and that sense of oily rancio nicely.


    Lovely; a dram one can savour and analyse in equal proportions!


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