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The Vardlokkur


Warlocks may have their origin in Norse mythology as spell singers or as a caller of spirits to ward off evil. 

Maturation in red wine casks give Warlock typical dark fruit and jammy flavours along with some tannin.


Cask TP 006  was matured in a 220 litre ex-Barossa red wine cask (shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon).  


Strength 60.8 % abv., 100 bottles, 500 ml.


Rebis Release - Warlock Cask TP 006

  • Nose: Ostensibly the same family, perhaps even the same bedroom as the warlock. A little less cooked fruit and more freshly crushed berries, red stone fruits and juicy red things. Still, this is wine cask up and down; a decadent treat for the vinophilic.


    Palate: This really is the Warlock. The intensity is enormous, as indicated by the increased ABV, but we're operating at the exact same wavelength; strawberry cream, crushed red berries, tannins and grape stem, all dialled to 11 before the rancio crashes over you as might a landslide. One could think of this as whisky's answer to the Barossa shiraz; one can only think how many must be excited by such a notion!



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