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Shamans were renowned for their understanding of the powers of the natural world. They acted as intermediaries between the natural and supernatural worlds and often considered as healers.


Cask TP 018 was matured in a 100 litre ex-bourbon cask. This whisky was matured for 3 years and 5 months in oak; followed by 2 months post-cask maturation (relaxation) in a stainless vat before bottling. Strength 61.00 % abv. 500 ml.




Gold Medal: Tasting Australia Spirit Awards 2022

"Best in Class" Cask Strength Whisky Category,  Tasting Australia Spirit Awards 2022


Silver Medal: Royal Australian Spirits Awards 2022


Jim Murray Whisky Bible 90.5 pts


Rebis Release - Shaman - Cask TP 018

  • Nose: Excellent American oak leading the charge- melted butter, split vanilla pod and baking spices with demerara sugar and proper German Strudel crust. The clearest TP esters of the Rebis range; mango sauce, baked pineapple and mild ethyl acetate combine to give an impression of Barbadian rum. With time in glass some sweet and woody florals emerge.


    Palate: Vanilla dosed toffee simmering on the stove, more spices with an emphasis on clove and mild white pepper. Mid-palate there’s some good biscuity malt while the underpinning TP esters swing back into the fray, this time with more pineapple and some soft banana reinforcing those rum tones.


    Finish: Shamelessly fresh with more tropical fruit driven rums on retronasal, whist the palate settles diminuendo through creamy vanillas, soft pepper and spices.


    Notes: Whilst water opens the nose brilliantly to further delve into the tropical fruit ester profile so idiosyncratic to Tria Prima, the drinkability and mouthfeel at the natural cask strength is dangerous. I would suggest to go no lower than about 55%, but personal experimentation should be encouraged. This dram has multitudes to explore, so take your time and find the nuances.

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