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Enchantress, The Spell Binder, Mesmerisingly beautiful and wise.
She weaves magic, holding all who partake under a spell.

Cask TP 028  was matured in a 100 litre ex-McWillaims Apera cask. This whisky was matured for 2 years and 8 months in oak; followed by 2 months post-cask maturation (relaxation) in a stainless vat before bottling. Strength 61.20 % abv. 500 ml.




Silver Medal: Tasting Australia Spirit Awards 2022

Bronze Medal: Royal Australian Spirits Awards 2022


Jim Murray Whisky Bible 94 pts

Liquid Gold Award: "Superstar whiskies that give us all a reason to live"


Rebis Release - Enchantress - Cask TP 028

  • Nose: A magic cask. Warm golden syrup on pancakes with raisins, dates, walnuts and a dusting of Chinese five spice. The apera can be felt with a sense of fruit mince in brandy, while underneath the gentle TP esters add a feeling of freshness and structure.


    Palate: Similar to the nose, but the esters come to the fore with pineapple and floral stone fruits like peach and apricot. Continues with excellent apera tones of dried fruits, oak spices, roasted nuts and moderate kokumi, whilst the golden syrup morphs into fresh floral honeys.


    Finish: Retronasal brings more peach and orchard fruits while the palate continues with honey, mead, oak spice and more kokumi.



    The first time I visited Tria Prima I tasted through more casks than I could keep count of. This was one of them, and from the first time I put my nose in the glass, I was enthralled. The cask continued to shift through several moods and phases with time, but eventually settled into the exquisite state we find it in here. A truly exceptional single cask and one of the best Australian drams I’ve had the pleasure of sampling. Opens nicely with water, the structure staying broadly the same with more emphasis on the nuts and floral honey notes, though my preference is at cask strength.

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