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Bruxa - The Temptress

Renowned for her ability to charm, she casts entrancting spells with every precious drop. Bruxa is a richly textured and captivating whisky with nuances of Chocolate along with Fruit, Tawny and Oak.


Cask TP 014  was matured in a 100 litre ex-Grant Burge Tawny cask. This whisky was matured for 3 years and 2 months in oak; followed by 6 months post-cask maturation (relaxation) in a stainless vat before bottling. Strength 59.2 % abv. 500 ml.



Gold Medal: Royal Australian Spirits Awards 2022


Jim Murray Whisky Bible 91 pts

Rebis Release - Bruxa - Cask TP 014

  • Nose: Decadently desserty. Sticky wine reduction, rosewater-baklava, botrytis gewürztraminer and gentle eucalyptus menthol tones. Time in glass reveals a warm earthiness mingled with polished antique woods and oak spices, plus the typical TP esters peripherally.

    Palate: Starts with a good vinous sweet-tart balance before ripe lychee, stewed dark stone fruits and more floral menthols, then a mid-palate shift lifts the oak with pantry spices, old humidor and lactones belying the dram’s age.

    Finish: Stretches into a melange of wine and rosewater syrups with some subtle almond rancio and silky tannins fading out, while retronasal echoes the TP esters with suggestions of quince jelly.

    Notes: Water softens the tannin and spice profiles on the palate while emphasising the aromatic fruits and bringing out a pleasantly volatile sweetness reminiscent of benzene. I found my sweet spot of aroma vs palate experience at around 49%, or a 5:1 dilution.

    Whilst usually sceptical of tawny cask maturation, the underlying spirit is present enough to not be engulfed by the cask’s previous fill. Paul has done a wonderful job pulling this cask at an age that demonstrates both maturity and deft balance of cask and spirit. This is particularly noticeable by the lack of cloying sweetness and absence of dominant rancio in the finish- commonalities for tawny aged malts. A rarity in its field.

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