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Enchantress, The Spell Binder, Mesmerisingly beautiful and wise.
She weaves magic, holding all who partake under a spell.

Cask TP 032  was matured in a 100 litre ex-McWillaims Apera cask. This whisky was matured for 4 years in oak; followed by 2 months post-cask maturation (relaxation) in a stainless vat before bottling. Strength 61.9 % abv. 500 ml. 148 bottles




Rebis Release - Enchantress - Cask TP 032

  • Nose: Chalk and cheese compared to the TP02. A lighter, more floral and perfumed start with a bit more of the spirit speaking, including a few pomme fruits. Well spiced oat biscuits fresh from nan's gas oven, then golden syrup, faint orange oil and good gristy malt in support.


    Palate: A nice continuation; more sweet florals and some signature TP esters showing up, both pomme and some ripe white stone fruits showing up with a touch of rum-esque over ripe banana. More of the baked goods, more malt, more orange oil and some lovely jamminess, almost heading to quince paste.



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