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Enchantress, The Spell Binder, Mesmerisingly beautiful and wise.
She weaves magic, holding all who partake under a spell.

Cask TP 002  was matured in a 100 litre ex-McWillaims Apera cask. This whisky was matured for 4 years in oak; followed by 2 months post-cask maturation (relaxation) in a stainless vat before bottling. Cask TP 002 was our first cask filled from our very first distillation run, hence it did not contain any recycled feints and foreshots. The resulting spirit was very light and clean, with the wood having a significant impact on the flavour profile; this was mellowed with time in the vat leading to some wonderful cedar aspects overlying the fruitty notes from the tawny cask and esters from the spirit.


Strength 66.7 % abv. 500 ml. 124 bottles






Rebis Release - Enchantress - Cask TP 002

  • Nose: Apera cask at the forefront; lacquered antiques, stewed dark stone fruits bordering on Muscat, then oak spices, black tea and almost cardamom pods plus mint. There's an Australian feel to this, but also some reminiscences of late teens to early twenties Glenfarclas too. 


    Palate: Many similar elements here from the oak; black pepper, cardamom, black tea, menthols, then again come the waves of stewed stone fruits. The tannins add enough structure to support the fruit, but this is an unmistakably rich, cask driven dram. Perfect for fireside contemplation on a chilly night, and mayhaps a dark chocolate praline or two... be right back!



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