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Bruxa - The Temptress

Renowned for her ability to charm, she casts entrancting spells with every precious drop. Bruxa is a richly textured and captivating whisky with nuances of Chocolate along with Fruit, Tawny and Oak.


Cask TP 001  was matured in a 100 litre ex-Grant Burge Tawny cask. This whisky was matured for 4 years; followed by 19 months post-cask maturation (relaxation) in a stainless steel vat before bottling. Cask TP 001 was our first cask filled from our very first distillation run, hence it did not contain any recycled feints and foreshots. The resulting spirit was very light and clean, with the wood having a significant impact on the flavour profile; this was mellowed with time in the vat leading to some wonderful cedar aspects overlying the fruitty notes from the tawny cask and esters from the spirit. 


Strength 63.2 % abv., 160 bottles, 500 ml.


Rebis Release - Bruxa - Cask TP 001

  • Nose: An intense nose; like TP02, we see lacquers and antique woods, stewed and dried stone fruits, the spices and then a slightly more pronounced vinous element indicative of the tawny, plus a little musk stick. Something rather French earl grey rather than regular black tea, especially geared towards rose petals.


    Palate: More as per the nose; dried fruits, lacquers and spices. There's cardamom again, but it's more citrus lead now a la lemongrass stalk; these early casks have transformed the typical Tria Prima profile in a most fascinating way! With a little water, perhaps a 10% ABV reduction, the profile relaxes nicely; browned fruit cake ends, some good nuttiness and a pleasing earthiness.



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