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Shamans were renowned for their understanding of the powers of the natural world. They acted as intermediaries between the natural and supernatural worlds and often considered as healers.

Matured in bourbon casks Shaman typically has flavours of vanilla, oak and fruity esters.


Shaman is a lighter style of our whisky having matured solely in ex-bourbon casks. Batch 1 is from a vatting of three 100 litre casks. 




Silver Medal: Tasting Australia Spirits Awards 2022

Silver Medal: Royal Australian Spirits Awards 2022

Silver Medal: Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2023


Jim Murray Whisky Bible 86 pts

Traditional Release - Shaman Batch #01

  • Nose:

    Some typical Tria Prima fermentation tones - great tropical fruits with grilled pineapple, lychee, banana, perhaps a little strawberry and a general sense of quality tropical rum with just a touch of fruity funk. Then the cask kicks in and we get lovely rich vanilla, coconut cream, light polished hardwood, delicate clove (could well be the ferment again here) and caramel.


    Great fruits again as above, banoffee tart (banana, caramel, touch of vanilla custard plus baking spice in a buttery crust) then some white pepper, malt biscuit and trace menthol. There are some similarities to great Speysides here, in the vein of, say, well matured Benriach.


    How many Aussie distillates really stand to be seen through the casks? However many, TP is almost always one of them. I couldn't think of a dram more fitting at the moment- something healing, mediating and respectful of natural order.

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