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Enchantress, The Spell Binder, Mesmerisingly beautiful and wise.
She weaves magic, holding all who partake under a spell.

Our first release of Enchantress comes from a vatting of two 100 litre casks previously containing McWilliams Apera. The casks were scraped and given a low char to achieve a well balanced whisky. It has beautiful mahogany appearance; a silky mouthfeel with dried fruit, cream sherry and light oak on the palate.



Silver Medal: Tasting Australia Spirits Awards 2021

Silver Medal: Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2021

Bronze Medal: Royal Australian Spirits Awards 2021


90.5 pts Jim Murray's Whisky Bible

Traditional Release - Enchantress Batch #01

  • Colour: Mahogany with dark amber and highlights of a fresh red cricket ball (6.5)

    Nose:   Slightly restrained early but with emerging furniture polish, (shellac/french polish), toffee apple, sherry and black tea notes and a faint sultana/raisin fruitiness, some subtle resin and ginger, a hint of thymol or mint, some nutmeg and cloves, some more dried black tea, tobacco leaf and walnuts.  Left longer, the winey notes (dry oloroso sherry) emerge more fully. Starts to develop the classic nuttiness of great sherry. With time the tannins and spices and the background of cream build along with autumn leaves.

    Palate:   Syrupy, slightly oily, well rounded with medium dry sherry and tea tannins in the back palate. It’s mouthcoating but it’s also crisp. There’s something savoury and earthy that evolves into nut-skins from hazelnuts or walnuts.

    Finish: The alcohol finally announces its presence. Warm and fruity/nutty. More tea and wood tannins, very forest floor with autumn leaves and medium dry sherry, a lingering bitter astringency from the wood that freshens up the tail. 

    Comment: Unlike a lot of young Australian whisky neither the wood nor the alcohol assault your nose or palate. Amazingly well balanced, the spirit is clean and crisp, the ABV is perfect and the wood is there but does its best work in providing structure and texture, especially in the finish. It’s as outstanding a dry sherry profile that you’ll find in any Australian single malt. No smoke, no peat. But everything across nose, palate (including mouthfeel), finish and balance is scoring high.

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