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Bruxa - The Temptress

Renowned for her ability to charm, she casts entrancting spells with every precious drop. Bruxa is a richly textured and captivating whisky with nuances of chocolate along with Fruit, Tawny and Oak.


Our second release of Bruxa comes from a vatting of three 100 litre casks previously containing Seppeltsfield Tawny. The casks were scraped and given a low char to achieve a well balanced whisky.



Silver Medal: Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2023


Jim Murray Whisky Bible 92.5 pts

Traditional Release - Bruxa Batch #02

  • Nose: A more distillate driven, malt forward iteration than the first release showing ANZAC biscuits and barley lollies. There’s still a good cask fruitiness present with prunes, subtle strawberry and dried Muscat grapes with a little subdued earthiness in tow. The oak is geared to vanilla, butter-cream and marzipan with a little baking spice, meanwhile Tria Prima’s signature esters beat a steady tempo of lychee, banana and cooked pear underneath.


    Palate: Mirrors the nose, but with a mild added sweetness like tinned peach syrup. The fruits are again a balance of dried stone and tropical varieties, though this batch skews significantly in favour of distillate esters. The oak adds more of a nutty dimension somewhere between almond and pecan, plus a hint of floral rose which joins the soft baking spices and delicate earthiness, although it’s again a subtler and less vinous cask profile overall than the batch 1.

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